Saturday, September 19, 2020

#Ten Things of Thankful: September 19, 2020


  1. cooler mornings and nights
  2.  "40 kleine, leichte und vermischte Orgelpräludien" by C. H. Rinck, from which I select a suitable prelude these days.
  3. time I spend practicing playing the electronic organ at home
  4. Japanese anemones in our neighborhood 

  5. rice cooked with chestnuts and mushrooms 

  6. pickled eggplants  

  7. taking a walk in the morning, trying to avoid the plants I'm allergic to
  8. forty winks in the afternoon
  9. vegetables that are less expensive than several weeks ago
  10. your kind comments on my blog

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I love your posts! They remind me that even though we live across the ocean from each other, and our culture differs, in the ways that count, we are similar.

    Thanks for linking up again! :-)

  2. I too have enjoyed some 40-winks-in-the-afternoon days recently. So refreshing.
    I love the simplicity and beauty of the Japanese anemomes.
    Hope you have another wonderful week.

  3. How big are your eggplants? I've never heard of pickling them. Sounds interesting. Lovely post.

  4. we are very much in the cooler morning part of the year... 40 degrees(F)
    cannot wait for next summer


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