Saturday, September 5, 2020

#Ten Things of Thankful: During and After the Heat Exhaustion

 I came down with heat exhaustion yesterday, which I am not very thankful for, but I will try to list ten things I am thankful for about it.

  1. glasses of water
  2. salt
  3. ice cubes
  4. the air conditioner
  5. a comfortable pillow
  6. license to stay in bed, doing nothing
  7. a sobering realization of my weakness
  8. my elderly father, who cooked a meal for himself
  9. an opportunity to practice fasting without exerting my willpower
  10. getting better and being able to walk normally, and eat normally again

Ten Things of Thankful

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aww I am sorry you went through that. I like how you flipped it into pozzies. We had an outing yesterday and the heat had us drenched and exhausted upon the return home. Grateful for normal today.

  2. I had heat exhaustion once, and it is an experience I do not care to ever repeat. Hope you are back to normal quickly!

  3. Oh, no! Heat exhaustion is no way to spend the day, but glad you were able to think of some thankfuls in spite of that. I hope your elderly father is able to stay cool.

  4. Hi Romi! This is a wonderful example of how we can take difficult situations and find the good in them. I am sorry that you got sun sick, that’s a serious issue, and so miserable. I’m grateful that you were able to rest and rehydrate, and that you are beginning to feel better. Blessings to you in the coming week!♥️

  5. nicely done!
    the true art of the TToT is finding ways to reference negative occurrences in a way that nets out positive. (The Book of Secret Rules aka the Secret Book of Rules encourage this approach.)
    Trust you will begin to feel better soon.


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