Saturday, August 29, 2020

#Ten Things of Thankful: August 29, 2020

  1.  the organ prelude I played at church last Sunday, No. 1 in 40 kleine, leichte und vermischte Orgelpräludien by C. H. Rinck

  2. My old bicycle had a flat tire last Monday, because the tire had been worn out. I am thankful that it hadn't burst on the previous day, while I was hurrying to the church with a heavy bag in the basket.
  3. I'm thankful that there is a motorcycle shop in our neighborhood and that I got the tire changed in a few hours. 
  4. the first grapes I have had this year: 

  5. the melon ice cream we tried for the first time, which was good 

  6. the steamed corn 

  7. seeing Asiatic dayflowers, my favorite wild flowers, while taking a walk 

  8. seeing the Sun rising every morning
  9. surviving another week, which is far hotter and more uncomfortable than the last one, because of the typhoon.
  10. friends who are reading this post now.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Pretty flowers, tasty melon cream, beautiful music...aah such lovely thankfuls, every one.

  2. Hmmm. . .I'm feeling hungry!
    #2 I am picturing a bag full sheets of music all over the ground. What a mess that would have been. Glad that didn't happen and glad you were able to get the tire fixed quickly.

  3. #2 disaster averted/bullet dodged is often the most powerful of grats to be able to know a likely course of the future without having to suffer the ill-effects (in the case of a blown out tire).
    Corn! one of the few vegetables I enjoy

  4. I hope the heat and humidity goes down to a more comfortable level. I bet the melon ice cream was refreshing!