Saturday, July 18, 2020

#Ten Things of Thankful: July 18, 2020

  1. My father had a slight fever last Sunday, but his fever broke on the following day.
  2. The agapanthuses in our backyard are in bloom.
  3. According to this web page, the name of the flower above comes from two Greek words:agape (love) and anthos (flower). I'm thankful for this information, and its lovely name.
  4. The agapanthuses in our backyard remind me of my mother, who planted and took care of them years ago. Incidentally, her name is 愛子 (pronounced 'Eye-ko'), and 愛 means 'love.'  I'm thankful for the memories of my loving mother.
  5. On Tuesday, I had a brief heart-to-heart talk with a friend of mine on the phone. After that, I felt reassured and peaceful.
  6. It rained heavily on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't go for a walk in the morning. On Thursday, I took a walk in the drizzle for thirty minutes. It was refreshing.
  7. On Thursday morning I went shopping, and found that what I was looking for was on sale on that day. The item usually costs 1,280 yen, but I got it for 980 yen.
  8. A certain conflict with someone last week has inspired me to write a few poems based on new insights I have gained through the experience.
  9. The other day, as soon as I turned on the radio in the kitchen without knowing what was on, they broadcast a new piece composed and performed by my favorite Japanese musician, 東儀秀樹 (Togi Hideki). 
  10. I'm always thankful for the time I spend playing the electronic organ in my room.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I'm glad your father's fever is gone. It is worrisome now in the time of COVID whenever anyone gets any symptom of COVID.
    Unexpected sales are always a nice surprise.
    I had to google Togi Hideki, and am now listening to one of his songs. Very relaxing!

  2. A wonderful list, especially that your father is doing better. Here's to you and your family staying well.

  3. Lovely list! I've never heard of the flower and they're beautiful.

  4. Kristi said just what I wanted to say! Glad your dad is better and it wasn't COVID. I love that the flowers your mom planted and care for are still thriving! Enjoy them and your week!

  5. Liked Number Eight... while I don't apply the practice (of writing) as directly as this, I fully agree that by writing things (experiences and feelings) out 'on paper' allows for a perspective otherwise not necessarily available.

  6. What a beautiful flower and a lovely reminder of your Mom.
    Thank you for mentioning 東儀秀樹 (Togi Hideki). I listened to a couple pieces. I loved watching/listening to I Dreamed a Dream. So beautiful. Such a talented performer.


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