Saturday, June 27, 2020

#Ten Things of Thankful: June 27, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

 1. Though we are in the middle of the rainy season, I take a walk almost every day. It is still comfortable early in the morning.

 2. I like taking a walk in different parts of the city.  I enjoy exploring places I have never been to before, as well as finding something new in familiar places.

 3. I'm reading an inspiring book written in Japanese whose title can be translated as "Alone in the Presence of God" by Noda Shigeru, which is about the Book of Jonah.

 4. Last Sunday, I was asked to fill in for another organist on a very short notice: fifteen minutes before the worship service began. --I had played the hymns before, but I didn't have my book for preludes with me on that day. I selected a suitable tune from the hymnal in a hurry, and rehearsed it only once. When I played it in the actual worship service, I made only one hardly noticeable mistake.

 5. I'm thankful for my father, who has been doing the dishes for me since last October, when I began to have severe neck pain. -- The pain is gone now, but he still insists on doing the dishes after every single meal.

 6. I'm thankful for the electric fan in my bedroom.

 7.  Green shiso perilla, a fragrant and refreshing herb, makes ordinary dishes more tasty, especially on a muggy day.

I have taken apart an old yukata (informal summer kimono) of my mother's and have remade it into useful things:

 8. a pajama top,

 9. a pajama bottom, 

10. an apron.


  1. Good job on the organ! Being asked to play at the last minute can be nerve-racking, but it sounds like it went just fine.
    How sweet of your father to do the dishes every day for you!
    You are very resourceful to be able to repurpose your mother's kimono.

  2. Romi, I smiled when I read your statement about the organ. I played the violin back in the day and in church too. I always gave it away with facial expressions when I made a blubber. LOL

    I'm glad the neck pain has subsided and that dad is willing to help you out. Maybe it is his way of feeling like he is contributing. My mom would always want to wash dishes even though most times they would not be very clean and I would have to rewash them. It was a simple task that she felt like she was contributing to the family dynamic when she lived with us. I miss my mom...

    Love the pajamas and the apron!

  3. Those last minute subbing at the organ or the piano can be a challenge sometimes. It sounds like you did fine.
    What a cute apron. I am trying to visualize the back of it.
    I am not familiar with that herb, but it sounds interesting.
    I hope you have a good week ahead.

  4. cool (the 'sitting in on short notice') must have been that interesting combination of nerves, excitement and satisfaction.

  5. You are so creative! Love your pjs and apron!


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