Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful During the Rainy Season

The rainy season has set in where I live. It doesn't mean it keeps raining all the time every day for about 40 days, but it is usually very humid and uncomfortable during this season. Today, I'm going to list 10 things that help me cope with these muggy weeks, starting with the most obvious things...

  1. umbrellas
  2. rain boots
  3. the dehumidifier
  4. the refrigerator
  5. one-week weather forecast 
  6. iced coffee
  7. lavender-scented soap
  8. colorful flowers of hollyhocks and hydrangeas
  9. stoicism
  10. hopefulness for more comfortable days

 +   an unexpected, new hairstyle every morning because of the humidity...

Have a great weekend!

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. The one time I have visited Japan, it was in the last part of June/first part of July. I do remember the humidity, but (like you) didn't let it dampen my spirits. (pun intended). Your bonus thankful item about your hair made me laugh! :-)

  2. This is one of the things I like best about the TToT, the creative way we (all) have to complete a seemingly simple task, i.e. relating ten things...
    But, and I was using the metaphor over at Kristi's is that we're all sharing tales of our worlds and, like any good story, there are parts that are dense and complex and there are parts that are simple elegant.
    Nicely done this week.
    (For me, I don't mind rain, provided the temperature isn't too low)

  3. Those hollyhocks bring back childhood memories for me. I suspect my mother planted some, because her mother planted some.
    I like being able to check the one-week weather forecast too. It allows me to figure out which days are more conducive to being able to be doing things outside.
    Today I saw that our state had the wettest June since I think it was the 1930s, and it finished off the month with more rain today.

  4. One of my thankfuls this week is about humidity and hair! Love your list, Romi, and glad to see you are ready to face the rainy season!

  5. Great preparedness gratitude! Hair has its own mind😂


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