Thursday, June 4, 2020

For the Audience of One

Hannah spends hours practicing the organ every day. Music is her great passion, and she is proud of being a church organist.

About ten minutes before the Sunday worship service, she starts playing a beautiful piece. Everyone stops chatting and listens silently.

Hannah knows what it is like to be tempted to worship herself and her music.

Playing a prelude softly, she prays that God will help her to play for the audience of One, truly worshiping Him through her music.

this week's prompt: passion


  1. Hannah knows from whence her talent came and knows it is possible to worship Him as she plays the hymns and ponders the messages within them.

  2. Hannah has a gift. Perhaps God gave her that gift so that she might share the beauty of it with others.

  3. simple but most difficult of all*

    *Hannah's hope to play

  4. I sing and play when I'm alone with God. This is great. Really great.

  5. She is learning wisdom while she learns new pieces and plays the old.

  6. A joyous six. I think playing and listening to music is one of the most spiritually uplifting things we can do.


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