Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Joint Work

My mother, who loved crocheting, often had a trigger thumb in her sixties, but she didn't give up her hobby.

One day, she called me and asked me to crochet 15 small flower motifs for the lacy pullover she was making for herself, saying that her fingers were all thumbs then. At first, I was reluctant, knowing that she was a perfectionist who was never satisfied with my work, but I gave it a try anyway. 

My mother managed to crochet the pullover itself and sewed on it the motifs I had made for her. She liked wearing it that summer.

In November that year, she passed away, and all of her clothes, including the top, became mine.

this week's prompt: thumb


  1. Very touching. You both were a part of creating that pullover giving it, no doubt, extra special meaning. There is something about holding or wearing our loved one's clothing after they're gone that can be very comforting.

  2. I can relate to your experience. What a beautiful top. The little flower motifs added such a nice touch.

  3. One of the magical things in everyday life, how a physical thing can become imbued with both memories and emotion.

  4. Such a nice story that you've shared here. Beautiful pullover.
    I have several of my dad's flannel shirts that I wear occationally. When I wear them I feel such comfort.

  5. mother had a trigger wrist and had surgery for it. I'd heard of a trigger thumb, but not a wrist until mom got it. She started crocheting in her 70s.
    that's when it showed UP.

  6. What a sweet, nostalgic story <3 A bit of both of you in that project and now you have sweet memories.

  7. What a lovely memory and beautiful sweater!

  8. Something to remember your mother by. Good times.


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