Saturday, May 2, 2020

Exegesis and Hermeneutics

I've joined Our Daily Bread Study Group, and we've been studying Bible Study Basics offered by Our Daily Bread University together through Facebook and Webinar. 

We are to study Lesson 5 this week, and I watched the video in advance. In that lesson, I have learned two new words, exegesis and hermeneutics, and their difference.

exegesis: identify the message to the original reader
hermeneutics: identify the text’s timeless message to all readers

Someone has told me in a Discover the Word program that reading the Bible is like reading the mail addressed to someone else. So, not every verse in the Scripture relates to everyone living in a different culture in the 21st century. It is important to understand what the original reader wanted to communicate to his original reader before considering how that message relates to us today.

The next webinar session starts at 4:00 pm, Saturday EDT, that is, 5:00 am, Sunday where I live. I hope I will not oversleep tomorrow morning. I have come to like the online seminar more and more.

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