Thursday, May 21, 2020

Birds of the Air

Walking along the river early in the morning, I heard a skylark chirping continuously, and watched it ascending into the clouds. I also heard a cuckoo singing somewhere in the bush. Birds are busy attracting potential mates, building nests, warming eggs, feeding baby birds, and protecting them.

Somehow, I was reminded of the sentence in Ecclesiastes, "He has also set eternity in the hearts of men," and wondered if it is only human beings that long for something eternal, in light of the fact that most living creatures are designed to spend so much time and energy to relay the torch of life to the next generation.

Do these birds know that their time in this world is finite, whether consciously or unconsciously?

Or, is it only human beings that ponder on things like life, death, time and eternity?

this week's prompt: eternal


  1. Nice.
    A Six like a fine-line drawing, elegant yet simple.
    Very cool

  2. i wonder what the cat is thinking all the time. that loook of disdain assures me she's got a plan for me...

  3. Oh, I like this, Romi. Beautifully written, your Six poses a fascinating question as I've often wondered how the animals of nature "reason" as surely all is not instinct solely.

  4. Such a great question! The more we learn about the intelligence of animals and their ability to communicate with those of their species and with man, one does have to wonder just how much more do they know and sense.

  5. Thought-provoking for sure. I'm struck by how some animals 'grieve' for their lost ones, like elephants returning to the site of their dead. And birds, as many of them mate for life - it must be truly hard (as with us humans) when a partner dies?

  6. Now this is great food for thought!


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